Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bond Bond Bakery

Bond Bond's Bakery
1010 Blanchard
coffee ***

i am now trying out various bakeries, many of whom provide the goodies for the 'just coffee' coffee shops in town.  i've had their croissants at several places and they were excellent.  Unfortunately i arrived too late in the day, and they were all gone, so i decided instead to get this yummy looking Onion Board Bread.  They really don't have anywhere to sit.  There were a couple of tables outside, but it wasn't a nice day, so i got an Americano to go, and took it home where I pigged out on onion bread and butter, which was delicious.  They use coffee from Mirage, a place whose coffee i do like, but it definitely takes a barista to make a good cup of coffee.  It was OK, not up to Mirage standards.