Sunday, July 3, 2011


De'lish @ St. Patrick and Central in Oak Bay
April 22, 2010
**** Illy coffee
+++++ goodies

I have been trying to get to this place for ages, but the parking seems to always be a problem, even though  it is on a residential street.  It's very tiny, so there's limited seating inside as well, and it's still too cold to sit outside.  Besides, i like to draw the interiors.  Today I was in luck with both parking and a teeny table inside.  It is what I like to call a patisserie, not a simple coffee shop.  I am running out of those, so I am moving on to patisseries.  It has fantastic baking, does tea and small lunches, and does catering as well.  The coffee was good, the expected Illy, and the pastry divine.  I hope to come back for lunch some time.

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  1. One of our favourite spots. We sit outside all year round. They have windscreens up and heaters plus lap blankets so one can be very comfy no matter the weather. Friendly welcoming place with superb lattes and the best chicken panini in town. Dogs are welcome outside. A great destination.