Sunday, July 3, 2011

Special Teas

Special Teas @ 803 Fort Street.
April 23, 2010
+ packaged cookies

I thought it was about time I tried out some tea shops, and there was a parking space.  I do sort of  like tea.  I adore my own home made iced tea.  But I don't think I am a tea person.  I don't appreciate the subtle differences.  I drink it black with a bit of sweet.  I think putting milk in tea turns it to mud.  This is a lovely tea shop, with a wall of different teas in dozens of black and gold tea tins.  There a couple of small tables, and the tea is served on its own little heating stand, lit with a votive candle.  It comes with a couple of cookies.  The atmosphere is quiet and contemplative.  It's kinda dim, and there's lots of Asian rugs lying about.  I don't really do contemplative.  However, the tea was very good.

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