Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bean Around the World

Bean Around the World @ 533 Fisgard
March 7, 2010

Often my choice of coffee place is dictated by whether or not there is parking. This coffee shop has been on my list for a long time, but since it is located in Chinatown, it is not an easy place to park.  I have passed it many times, and today I was lucky.  It was early on a Sunday, and it was full of avid coffee-holics. It seemed to be full of grey haired philosophers, perhaps because the younger crowd were still in bed after an active Saturday night.  It''s a great people watching space, with many interesting overheard conversations as i worked.  Decor was casual/wood floor/ brick walls West Coast.  They are part of a West Coast chain, with 21 independent owners originating in Vancouver where all get their coffee from Cowboy Coffee.  The business originated with a couple of guys who started roasting them for their own shops.   The coffee was very good, and so was the muffin from Wildfire bakery.  Another Politically Correct Green cafe where you can only get 'organic' type sweeteners.  I give up, and have taken to carrying my own Sweet and Lo.

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