Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beginning with The Village, on Estevan. ....

It started a couple of years ago, as an offshoot of my daily dogwalking.  After a stint on Willows beach in Oak Bay, with my dog, I was in serious need of a good cup of coffee, so I walked up from the beach to one of my favorite breakfast bistros, the Village on Estevan St, I ordered a very ordinary cup of coffee and a piece of poppyseed cake.  The sun was struggling to shine, and I had the dog with me,  so  sat outside and doodled away in my brand new small square journal.  I was carrying a pencil, a pen, and a very small twenty year old Winsor Newton water colour paint box and brush. I often carried them with me when I travel,  or when I was doing sketches. However,  I didn't consider what i was doing to be a 'sketch' per se, but more a journal entry.  I was not concerned about perfection, nor did I plan to use it for a painting later.  It just was what it was.  I just wanted to capture the moment.  I worked quickly as I sipped my coffee, and  was surprised that no one seemed to be aware of my small sketchbook, and minute paintbox .  I added a few notes, and continued on my walk.

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