Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paradiso de Stelle

Paradiso de Stelle 10 Bastion Square, just off Wharf Street.
March 10, 2010
**** Illy
+++++ Kadalima's... since they are no more, I will have to check. 

There was a parking space on Wharf St., and this was on my list so I thought it was a good time to try this place.  It's a pleasant little bistro/restaurant, that serves small meals and snacks.  There are tables outside for nice days overlooking the harbour.  It wasn't a nice day, so I sat inside.  Everything was really attractively displayed, and their pastries looked super good.  They told me that they got them from Kadalimas.  Since it has since closed, i wonder where they are getting it from now.  i will have to return and find out.  The coffee was Illy, so therefore it was good.  Illy is Italian, and it seems like most of the patisserie/bistro/small coffee shops seem to prefer it.  On this rainy March day, it seems full of business types.  In the summer it is usually overflowing with tourists as well.

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  1. Great little bistro. Good coffee. Cheerful staff, good service. Excellent sandwiches. Comfortable, great atmosphere, with colorful, well-done paintings hanging on walls. I hung out for an hour reading a book I bought at Munro's and drinking coffee. Good view of harbor. I sat inside because I liked the ambiance.