Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moka House (5)

Moka House - CookSt. Village
345 Cook Street.
February 20, 2009
coffee ****
goodies - didn't have any

I am beginning to think I should be trying regular coffee.  So far, I have been drinking de caff, like I do at home.  But since I found out that as a stimulant, it can be good for someone with asthma, I might as well go for it.  Moka House has a good reputation, and it was at the Moka House I sat eight years ago, and made the decision to move to Victoria.  They roast their own coffee, and it was pretty good, but there is always such a lineup.  Oh well, that says something for the quality.  That's my vw van in the background.  My decision as to whether I will stop for coffee is usually dictated on the availability of parking.  Unlike the Serious coffee across the street, Moka House seems to appeal to a younger set of students, and older set of post hippie tree hugging  Greens. Since I had Zoe the Wonder Dog with me, had to sit outside and it was a bit chilly... but it is February after all!

 Moka House on Cook
August 17, 2011
coffee ****.5
goodies *** (commercial donut)

Parking was available, so i made another visit to this Moka House.  Unfortunately i misspelled it on the drawing... oh well.  Now that I am hooked on Americanos, I ordered one.  It was good, but not quite a five star... four point 5.  it seem that the bigger the franchise, the coffee begins to 'stabilize' or reach sort of a middle ground.... not that good, not that bad.  Worth drinking, but i still prefer the smaller roasteries.  They serve small meals, sandwiches, etc and pastry, but the pastry is not made there, and seems to be from a larger, commercial bakery.  It's ok.  I had a donut, the same as I had at my small neighbrourhood coffee shop, and it was good, but nothing special.  If I had to choose between the three main coffee shops on Cook Street, I would definitely choose this one.  The only thing I don't like, is that it is very busy, and it's often difficult to get a table outside... which i need when I am with dog.  Their patio is a great place for people watching

Black Stilt Coffee house (now Moka Coffee) on
Hillside near Richmond.
March 11, 2009

I've often passed by this coffee shop, as it is across from my nearest Mall at Hillside.  I needed to pick up something at the Mall, but it wasn't open yet, so I took the opportunity to have a coffee.   I sat around for quite a while, and observed that early on it was full of business types and students.  When they cleared, the shopping ladies appeared.  It was finally time to become one, so i headed to the Mall to pick up some new gym clothes.  Computer people are always so focussed.  they see nothing going on around them, certainly not me drawing them..  Coffee was Ok.  Not keen about decor/ambiance nor a place I would return to.  Must check it out since it changed hands.

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