Monday, June 27, 2011

Discovery Coffee (4)

Discovery Coffee @ 664 Discovery off Government.
February 23, 2010

WOW!  I have hit gold here!  Ambiance great, low key casual,busy but not too crowded, with cheerful friendly baristas, good music and a laid back clientelle (and me, the oldie). After having an ordinary coffee, which was pretty good,  I  was offered a free coffee- a smiley faced latte.  I don't normally have my coffee with milk, but I made an exception.  It was delicious, but I will have to return to check out their Americanos.  That is my baseline. Logan is a award winning barista, and one of the owners. There's the coffee shop part, and then next door, another place with more tables

They have opened up a coffee shop in my neighbourhood, so I will have to try it out as well.

Discovery Coffee #2 @ 1964 Oak Bay and Ampion
March 22, 2010
***** their own
+++++ Fol Epi and Bubba Rose's (discontinued)

update on the goodies.  They no longer have Fol Epi and Bubba Rose's stuff.  They have partnered with a new bakery in their newst coffee shop in James Bay,  and the goodies are not that great.  Kinda heavy and healthy.  sigh.... give me a buttery croissant any time.\

This has been open in my neighbourhood for a while, but for some strange reason I have ignored it.  No more.  I loved their coffee in the original shop, kept wanting to try this one out, but Denise said she didn't like the 'atmosphere'.  She was WRONG.  While the music is sometimes a bit overloud, the coffee is fantastic, and I discovered they are also getting their pastries from Fol Epi and Bubba Rose's.   If I come in at the right time, I can get a croissant arriving fresh from the bakery, just like I used to get with my morning coffee in Tours, France.  What could be better?  I like that when its warm outside, I can open the windows, and stay attached to my dog on its leash, sitting and patiently waiting outside.  The only thing they lack is outdoor seating, since they are right up against the sidewalk.

Discovery @ 1964 Oak Bay and Amphion. 
June 1, 2010
*****Discovery Coffee, Americano
+++++ Fol Epi and Bubba Roses goodies.  (discontinued)

I've been teaching a class on Illustrated Journals, and the students wanted me to do a 'demo' in a coffee shop.   I like to spend the last day in a coffee shop, to show the students that no one really notices you when you sit down and draw.  They are either too much into their companion, their book or newspaper, or their computer. I did a demo, and finished it while they worked on their own journal entry.  They especially wanted to know how to do 'glass'... so there is a water glass.  The coffee was, of course, excellent as usual.  

Discovery Coffee , Oak Bay #4
***** coffee (Americano)
+++++ Fol Epi  and Bubby Rose's goodies (discontinued)

I have been teaching Sunday classes to a group of three friends.  They are delightful, and I have really enjoyed them.  The last class is always spent in a coffee shop, to defuse their fear of drawing in front of others.  it was kind of crowded, so we all sat at the same table and drew from a different perspective.  They were surprised at the lack of attention we received, and any we did get, was totally positive. Coffee and a Fol Epi croissant were excellent, as usual.  I realized that I really haven't done many coffeeshops in 2011.  Must make up a new list.

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  1. This blog is so beautiful! I noticed that you have not posted in a while... are you still blogging? I just found this blog today and I wanted to give some big compliments. The topic (coffee and tea shops and food) is dear to my heart and the artwork is beautiful and captures aspects of these places (many of which are regular haunts of mine) so well. Amazing, amazing blog! All good things, Sean