Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saltspring Coffee

Saltspring Coffee in Ganges, on Saltspring Island. 
February 21, 2009

I went to Saltspring for the weekend.  I hoped to catch George and Bridget at the coffee shop, because I know that they always go there on Saturday for coffee and to read the New York Times and do the puzzles.  But I must have missed them.  So I hauled out the sketchbook, and did my thing.  I decided I would try an Americano, and I really enjoyed it.  I know they roast their own coffee, and it was very good. They got themselves into a real Island style squabble over this last year.  They wanted to expand the roasting place, thus providing more jobs etc.  The Eco Elite got on their case, complaining about the smell that would result, despite the roastery being well away from habitation.  As a result, they took the company's new facility to Duncan, Vancouver Island... and the jobs went with it.

  The coffee shop has real mix of people.  The laptop users lined up along the plugs on the wall, and the seats in the centre mostly middle aged well dressed islanders.  They had some really badly done ugly handwoven rugs on the walls. As a former weaving teacher, I can be super critical.   Having learned my lesson re bad biscotti, I made a batch of my own, and now I have them in the car to have with my coffee.  I can't drink coffee on its own. I need a nibbly to go with it.Pastries looked good, but I resisted

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