Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starbucks on Oak Bay.

Starbucks on Cook St.
goodies ****

March 13.
Sigh... SB yet again. Ok, I'll admit it.  Compared to other independently owned coffee shops in Victoria, SB is an 'emergency' last ditch place for coffee for me.  Its Americano's are OK, better than most restaurant coffee (if they aren't getting it from a local roastery) I usually pop into a SB more out of necessity  than choice.  One can positively know that you will get a consistent product anywhere in the world (YAWN)

 I actually do have a choice, as there are two other coffee shops (Serious and Moka) within the block. but it's pouring down rain, and it's the closest to where I am this morning.  It's crowded, and steamy inside, hard to find a seat, long lineup. I am cramped into a small place, and not really that inspired.  Then I looked down and saw this lovely Service dog,  so I decided he was 'it' for my sketchbook today. His name is Reese, named after the candy of the same name.  Too bad I can't show the drawing to his 'partner', because he is visually impaired.


Starbucks - Fairfield
Fairfield Mall
coffee - ***
goodies ****
 February 15 2009

This was one of the first coffee shops i visited when i finally ventured out of Oak Bay.  Yah, Yah... another SB,  but it was in the same mini mall i grocery shop in.   Starbucks was all I really knew at this point.  Their coffee is definitely better than you would get in a restaurant, and in a way has become the 'base line' for me.  Given a choice of locally brewed coffees and a Starbucks, I would definitely choose the locally brewed.  But if there was nothing else available, Starbucks is OK.  When I began, i was hooked on their Lemon Poppy seed cake (L.P.), but then i switched to biscotti.  This is a very small shop, with only a couple of tables inside.  I am learning that no one notices me in the larger shops.  Here, the kids were all interested in what I was doing.


Starbucks Oak Bay
coffee ***
goodies ****
February 14, 2009

That's it. I ended up here again.   I MUST move on to other coffee shops.  And start drinking regular coffee again.  The respiratory technician told me that it actually is beneficial if you have asthma, so why am I bothering with de-caff. This \ob shop is getting stale.  But these were an interesting couple.  They were so serious,and into whatever they were discussing on her computer.  Then I thought she was a financial adviser.  They didn't notice me painting them and  I couldn't resist showing them the drawing before I left.  I found out it was a father and daughter.


Starbucks Oak Bay
coffee ***
goodies ****
February, 2009

Another visit to the same Starbucks.  It's convenient. I am beginning to think I ought to try some other shops. I think i may head up to Serious Coffee up the street next time.


Starbucks Oak Bay
Coffee ***
Goodies ****
February 7, 2009

I figured I may as well put all the Starbuck sketches together.  Because the comments are mainly the same for all of them.  That's the thing.  Uniformity.  Sameness.  BORING.  This was the second illustration done in this coffee shop.  I was still drinking decaff, and hadn't yet decided to pursue a 'Quest' for the perfect coffee.  Obviously, because i kept returning here I had not yet developed a 'sophisticated' taste.  In the past, my one morning coffee was my one coffee of the day.  This may prove to be the beginning of an addiction. .


January 21/09 ... Another miserable day of beach walking Zoe The Wonder Dog.  Cold and damp, I headed to the nearest coffee shop.  Poor Zoe had to wait outside this time, as it was drizzling.  I decided to try their poppyseed lemon cake, and it was surprisingly better than the cake at The Village.  I ordered an ordinary, small coffee in the SB language.  Why can't they have just small, medium and large?  Stupid ostentation!  I had decided that I would continue with my coffee shop journalling.  Again, no one noticed me or cared.  At this time of day (mid moring) it was mostly oldies having a cuppa.  The clientelle changes as the day progresses.

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