Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoe the Wonder Dog

Since walking my dog is so much a part of my coffee habit, I must introduce Zoe the Wonder Dog.  Zoe is my 14 year old 'Oodle', whose heritage includes poodle and lhasa apso. I saw both parents and   thought she was going to be a smaller lap dog, but I found out too late that grandma was a Husky. She grew and grew and grew to  a long legged 22lb.(10k).  I tried to get rid of her the first year, because I DID want a smaller dog, but she stuck to me like glue, and fourteen years later we are a team.  She owns a white wool blanket that she absolutely loves.  She beats it into submission, in a long and complex ritual of scuffling it into the perfect shape to sleep on.  She loves her walks, her ball, her blanket and ice cream.

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