Thursday, June 30, 2011



Ottavios Cafe & Deli on Oak and Monterey
March 12, 2010
**** When I was last here it was Illy, but i believe they have switched to Caffe Fantastico.
 +++++ Their own.

A very busy place, and it was hard to find a place to sit down and draw.  While I have often had coffee here, this time I could not resist the gelato.  They make their own, and it is amazing (especially the cappuccino)  The limone is crisply fresh, and has bits of lemon zest, and the chocolate is creamy and rich.  This is my favorite combination. However I have had coffee gelato here before, and it has always been good.  They use Illy coffee, but the word is they may be switching to coffee from Fantastico.  There's a lovely large patio for dog lovers to sit and sip at.  The food is very Italian, and is excellent.  Their breads and pastries are excellelnt .  Not cheap, but well worth it.

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