Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cornerstone Cafe, Fernwood

Fernwood and Gladstone
March 30, 2009

I decided I had to get out of my neighbourhood, and out of my comfort zone.  People have been suggesting coffee shops to me, so I headed to the Cornerstone Cafe today, after the gym.   It's definitely a neighbourhood hangout for laid back Fernwood.   Cornerstone is in the 'heart' of Fernwood, across the street from the Belfry Theater, and in a heritage building. It is run by the Neighbourhood Resource Group, a community based agency that shares space in the upgraded heritage building.  It's a little shabby, but friendly.  The coffee was from Discovery, so it was pretty good, but somehow not as good as what is served in their own shops.

It was full of third generation 'hippy' ecologically conscious young 'uns, a happy friendly bunch.  Then there was this wonderful 'bubble blowing guy' in a uniform, with his sword bubble blower... just like mine!  I thought I was the only crazy one who travelled with a selection of bubble blowers with me at all time.

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