Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sports Bar at the Oak Bay Rec Centre.

Feburary 17
I seem to be on a 'run', going out for coffee every day.  This is getting to be expensive.  However coffee at the Rec Centre is cheap... and rightly so.  It's not very good - thin and 'pedestrian'.  However after I go to the gym, I usually stop in for a rest and a glass of water.  Today, since I had my journal with me, I indulged in a coffee.  These are a few of the group of men who have been meeting after the gym and swim for many years - at least as long as I have been going, which is about ten years.   They have have three or four tables linked together and reserved for them every morning.  They are all retired, and seem to be pretty well off... which is not unusual for Oak Bay.  They take turns reading their horoscopes aloud every morning and discuss the state of the world... and the stock market..

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