Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painting Gear Revealed

This is my little water colour painting kit.  Everything I need fits into a small 4x6 tin box.  I use a small 'water brush'... that small, white tubular thing at the top of the paints.  You fill it with water, so you don't have to carry water with you.  The paint box is an old cigarillo tin.  I like filling the small pans with my own selection of colours.  In the larger box I have a mechanical pencil, eraser, glue stick, permanent ink med. nib pen, extra paper to test colours on and a cut up credit card (to get certain effects.

Closed, the whole kit looks like this.

Closed, the paint box looks like this.  I must have been carrying this tin box around for years.  I finally found a use for it. 

And this is my Journal.  I like the square shape, and quality of  paper of this particular brand.  It has an envelope attached to the back cover so I can put receipts and things in. 

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