Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Union Pacific

Union Pacific at 537 Herald St.
March 8, 2010.

More of a 'cafe' serving meals than a coffee shop.  It was about ten am, and everyone seemed to be in for breakfast.  It was pretty crowded with young professionals working on their computers while having their coffee.  It took ages for my coffee to come, and it was OK.  They serve JJ Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee.  Nice decor and pleasant ambiance.  One of those 'healthy' places that only offers me Splenda, which i don't like.

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  1. Very hip coffee house, amazing rustic chic decor, their wraps and paninis are so delicious - and today I had the best peppermint hot chocolate of my life from these guys! Great customer service too! My only complaint is how pricy they are .. $7.00 for the turkey wrap, and $3.50 for a small peppermint hot chocolate.