Sunday, June 19, 2011

B.C. Ferries (2)

 Queen of Vancouver
Swartz Bay to Tswassen
March, 2009
coffee **

On the way to Vancouver for a Pissup with LPWT friends with zosu and Ruth-in-Canada.  A miserable day, raining and overcast.  This is their first meeting with our imaginary friends from the internet, but i have met several before.  We're planning an Ikea visit, and a visit to the East Indian stores on Main street.  If we have time, we'll hit the kitchen shop on fourth avenue.  Coffee was marginally better than i expected.  goodies...commercial crap.

Spirit of B.C, Sea West Lounge

March 14, 2009

coffee **
goodies - free, so no complaints

Moira needed to go to Vancouver for a doctor's appointment, and she did not want to drive, because she has never driven there, and doesn't know her way round.  So i volunteered to drive, as i was interested in doing an Ikea run.  We discovered that for an extra $10, we could go into this beautifully appointed first class lounge.  All sorts of newspapers and magazines to read:  complementary non alcoholic drinks, cheese and crackers, muffins and fruit.  I would have spent more in the crowded noisy peasant seating area.  The only problem is you have to talk QUIETLY.  We were hushed by the attendant when we got to animated in our discussion.  The coffee of course was up to BC ferries usual adequate. But it was free and hot.

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